OptionRoom in a nutshell

Sam Lavandov
2 min readJan 29, 2021


In this article I will try to explain the importance of OptionRoom project by keeping it very simple.

Make sure to check out a comprehensive and thoughtful explanation of OptionRoom here.

What is OptionRoom?

OptionRoom is truly interopable, flexible and always evolving data oracle built on a Polkadot protocol.

For the past few months we’ve been seeing a steadily emerging interest towards a more scalable, interopable blockchain solution that is called Polkadot and rightfully so. The groundbreaking technology opens a whole variety of opportunities for builders — this is where OptionRoom comes to play with their unique approach of solving the oracle problem.

A meaningful impact

Oracles have always been a fundamental bridge for connecting the real world to blockchain. OptionRoom strives to become Polkadot’s primary oracle solution by introducing a vast variety of options such as : OaaS (Oracle as a service), limitless prediction markets, decentralized polls, dispute resolution, decentralized surveys, curated lists and much more. All governed by honest users in a system designed to discourage voting manipulation.

$ROOM token

One of the cornerstones of OptionRoom ecosystem, $room utility token, is planned to be unlocked and tradable in February 2021.

My thoughts

This market is moving fast and what makes me excited about this particular project is the team’s ability to quickly adapt to what this always evolving technology has to offer, by implementing it and making it better.

Check out https://www.optionroom.finance/ to find more.