Y.Financial in a nutshell

Sam Lavandov
2 min readOct 10, 2020

In this article I will try to explain the importance of Y.Financial by keeping it as simple as possible.

Honestly, you would not regret checking out the main article and skipping this one, because I am not the smartest and probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

A different approach.

Y.Financial looks at yield farming from a different perspective with quite a unique, and most importantly, useful concept.

Why is it useful?

It solves the main issues of yield farming : insane volatility, high risks and fees.


By issuing an index token — YFIN, which makes yield farming safer, easier, and much more efficient.

YFIN represents a basket of 4 yield farming tokens (for example: YFI, YFII, UNI, and SUSHI) and optimises the process. That offloads the risks of rugpulls, severely reduces the losses caused by fees and gives you an overall stable and sustainable position. The basket is decided by the governance with the governance token — YDOT.

Ways to profit.

YDOT — Profit from ALL index tokens on the platform at the same time. Daily airdrops, random airdrops every 9 days. The more you hold, the more you receive. More volatile and rewarding approach.

YFIN — Four trusted yield farming tokens merged into one. Safer, more reliable approach.

Check out this article and https://y.financial/ to find out more.